Customized Article Creation

You have a website and even social media. What you now need is CONTENT. Some days we can feel completely overwhelmed with needing to share what is important about our business and why people need our services or product. Content gets neglected and your blog or website can go stale which can cost you clients and new business.

i2iHype will provide you with 100% custom content on an as-needed basis. I do not reuse articles even if the topic is the same. Content will be customized to your brand and what you would like to focus on.

Rush Service

Did you completely forget about a project and need a custom content article written within less than 3 days? That should not be a problem. I will not accept projects with less than 24 hours notice so that I provide the best work possible for you and guarantee delivery.

Rush Pricing is an add on service for an additional flat fee.

Please be aware that I would love to be able to provide everyone with RUSH SERVICE, but it is not always possible and I will be upfront and honest if I cannot provide it at this time.

Please contact me to set up a FREE consultation.