Together we can decide WHICH service will work best for you and your business - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

VIP Automation Day

Systems Strategy VIP Day

Online Business Management

1:1 Coaching Services

Systems Strategy Session


This is the 1st MAJOR step in getting started automating your business

Strategic System Consultation

Streamlined 90-Day Plan

Develop design of your System

2-3 Standard Operating Procedures

Systems Strategy VIP Day

In order to grow ANY business, you need to have a plan laid out with solid systems in place.

This is STEP 1 in the Automation Journey

This is for you if you are NOT married to a system and need help deciding what will work for you. There are so many out there, stop wasting time chasing the "new shiny object."

We start off by having you fill out a questionnaire so we can have an idea of what you are thinking about - this is YOUR PREWORK and you will dedicate about 1-2 hours on this, the more detailed the better.


During this 2 hour session, we will gain EXTRA clarity and smooth out all the rough edges, zooming in on your specific goals for your system needs.

After we talk and get clarity, I get to work and find the RIGHT system for you.

I just don't talk to you about it! This detailed plan will be in WRITING delivered within 3-business days after our meeting with a language you can UNDERSTAND - I promise NO serious tech-talk.

This plan will:

💥 Establish your priorities

💥 Show you how to allocate the resources you have

💥 Determine the BEST SYSTEM(s) for Your Business

💥 Design the main processes within the system

💥 Build 2-3 Standard Operating Procedures related to your system setup process

Bonus 1: 45 Minute follow up call within 1 week of the session

Bonus 2: 1 Template or 1 Basic Workflow inside for your system of choice

You may choose to retain me as your Online Business Manager for services and ongoing strategic support and implementation after we have this session

VIP CRM Systems Day


This is a starting price, the price will depend on the complexity of your system

CRM Setup

Client Experience Setup

Email Automation Sequence Setup

Launch Setup

VIP CRM System Day

This is where the magic starts. It might not SOUND sexy.... but trust me when it's all completed you will wonder why you didn't get this done earlier.

This is for the people who HAVE a system they want to use but don't have the time to set it up!

We start by picking a day that works for you.

It's PRODUCTIVITY TIME! That means you need to let me in on your vision. Seeing what you see will make this work amazingly smooth - the more information I have the better. This homework will take about 2-3 HOURS!!

After that, we get together and make sure we are all on the same page with a Power-Hour Strategy Session. This is when we will draw it all out and see what needs to be changed and tweaked.

Now let's make some magic. The day is devoted to your business. I work solely on your project and at the end of the day, your system is set up and running!

This plan may include any of the following:

💥 1-2 Workflow Designs

💥 Automate Contract

💥 Email Sequence Entry (I do not do copywriting)

💥 Set up Products/Services

💥 Design Proposals/Invoices/Brochures

💥 Set up Scheduling System

💥 Design Questionnaires

You need to be ACCESSIBLE during your day by MESSAGING - no video required. This is in case I find something missing or need you to review what I am working on.

BONUS 1: Video Walk-Through of your new system which can be used for your Standard Operating Procedures as you build your team delivered within 5-business days

Bonus 2: 15-Days Post Intensive Support. I will provide written and video answers within 48 business hours to all your questions as needed in the 15-days following your day.

Bonus 3: A customized Mini-Course all about YOUR CRM System Set up that you can refer back to available for 90-Days after the VIP Day

Online Business Management Services


20 hours minimum

3-month minimum commitment

Custom package pricing available

Social Media Management

Project Management

Online Business Implementation Services

Strategizing & Monitoring Revenue Generating Activities

Online Business Management

We've all said it - "I want another ME to help me with my business." Well..... this is where you get that.

Starting off with a Strategy call, we lay it all on the table. Let me know EXACTLY what areas of your business you want to improve, how you think things and people can be better managed, and even what systems need to be put in place to make everything run smoothly.

You no longer will need to manage all your people, they will not be texting you or contact you - instead, I become your "right-hand" and point of contact while you work on growing your business and more MONEY MAKING TASKS!

I work with you to develop a solid plan and work with your team to make sure everything is done and done ON-TIME.

You will be provided with Monthly Google Analytics reporting with a quick report explaining what is going on with all those charts and numbers.

You also receive a weekly progress report so you know what is going on.

There is a minimum of a 3-month contract for Online Business Management services. Custom packages are also available if more hours are needed, which can be extremely helpful during a launch!

1:1 Coaching Services


9 weeks of 1:1 coaching services

Payment Plan Available

9 weekly 1 hour calls

Unlimited Messaging

Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Groups

Lifetime Access to All Online Courses

1:1 Coaching Services

This coaching program leads you by the hand on how to make your business a success - WITHOUT posting constantly on social media.

I walk you through a comprehensive, detailed, and effective plan of action using steps I have personally taken.

Whether you are changing your business model, just starting out, or coming from a corporate environment, this program CAN WORK for you.

It places you on the fast-track so you will feel confident going forward.

Together we will work on your offers and what that means. We will define what value you bring to the table and the best way for you to show that to your ideal client.

I will show you how you can leverage social media to your advantage without being sales-y because honestly, no one wants that.

I will NOT be teaching you how to bug people and "slide into" their direct messages... I mean it is the 2020's right?

My attitude is NO BS - I am too old for that crap and so are you. Sugar-coating the honest truth won't happen here because that will not get you where you want to be.